Friday, May 28, 2010


Saw "Kick-Ass" with my girl as part of her b-day celebration (which is officially today). Rather good movie, actually. Some logic is stretched (but of course) but it does seem to show a somewhat realistic depiction of supposed "superheroes" (other than the goofy sense of dress on the main lead's part) and "villains". The heroes end up in a Frank Miller-style "killing is good" mode which doesn't always make for a good story IMO but is handled well for what it is. Some people will have problems watching a little girl kill and nearly get killed by thugs and murderers, but the matter is handled rather well considering the potential for "overkill", as it were. Libertarians will masturbate to this movie, guaranteed. I give it a B.

First link is to the original comic book it was based on, the second is the movie soundtrack. Will put DVD link on soon when it goes on sale, of course ;)

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